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  The vacuum pressure..
  Vacuum prssure Soaking..
  Vacuum Lacquer-Soaking..
  Vacuum Continuous Steeping.
  Continuous Steeping ..
Centrifugal separator
  SX Tripod Model Under..
  Type SG Three-foot..
  Type KTH series fast at..
  SSC model centrifuge..
  Model SD Hanging Bag ..
Industry washing
  XGQ serial full-automatic
  Plating machine of YPII-80
  Plating machine of YPII-80
  GZZ series dryer..
  Industry washing machine
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Jiangsu Province Zhangjiagang city pair become electrician equipment factory, production compound vacuum flood the drying-machine, the vacuum floods the drying-machine ,The vacuum includes the soaking machine, VPI vacuum pressure floods the equipment, the va-cuum immerses the dryingma-chine in succession , electrician's equipment, plastic machin-erySuch products as the machine , the electronic equipment ,etc.. Introduce and absorb for-eign advanced technology, pioneer and invent , rely on the technological advantage , extensi-vely with The scientific research institutions unite ; Design and technology; Detection mea-ns is complete, possess rich product development production capacity .
The vacuum floods the equipment and is used in electrical machinery , electric apparatus , voltage transformer , water pump electrical machinery , magneto coil and insulating material , stone The flooding such as being black is dried and dealt with.
Our aim is: Basing on our country, meet the needs of the world, people first, regard science and technology as the guide, have quality , have water It is flat , use the first-class products , sincere service, face every customer.
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